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Ass Kickin' Beef Jerky

Item Code: 9137


Ass Kickin' Beef Jerky (4 OZ. / 113 g): For years real cowboys and cowgirls have loved the lingering flavor and long lasting chew of beef jerky. The problem as history told us is that the true "cowperson" has also loved flavor, and real flavor comes with real habanero heat. Ass Kickin Beef Jerky was created to help these jerky loves fill both needs; superb flavor with tremendous heat. Our jerky is made from the highest quality beef available. This beef is aged, dried and branded with a healthy dose of habanero pepper. Please nejoy each mouth watering, tongue torching, tonsil abusing bite. Ingredients: Beef, Soy Sauce, Brown Sugar, Pineapple Juice, Honey, Water, Tobasco Sauce, Red Chili Pepper, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Habanero Pepper, Liquid Smoke, Black Pepper, White Pepper, and Ginger. Brand: Ass Kickin Sauces Manufacturer: Southwest Specialty Food Awards: none
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  • Item: 9137

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